Welcome to Soul Tending

Soul Tending is a type of counseling that addresses the needs of body, mind and spirit.  Although there are many therapies available for the body – and for the treatment of “thoughts and feelings,” Soul Tending is aimed at treating the whole person.  Having worked in the field of psychology for many years, I have been struck by its general lack of attention to the deeper dimensions of the human psyche.  When we work together, we will address your physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual needs.  (And please note that “spiritual” does not have to mean “religious.”)  If you’d like to know more, feel free to explore this website and to contact me personally.  To receive occasional updates about upcoming classes or retreats, please submit your e-mail in the space provided.

What is Soul Tending?

The purpose of soul tending, or soul “nurturing,” is to reconnect you with your inner core – the part of you that has never been “broken” – that has always been healthy and whole.  This “core self” has been called by many names: the Self, Higher Power, Christ within, God/Goddess within, the Atman, or the Buddha nature, to name a few.  Because the health of the soul is affected by mind, body and emotions, your soul tending sessions will address all of these aspects in a holistic manner.  Soul Tending sessions are designed to support you in any area of your life where spirituality is an issue: relationships, grief and loss, family problems, personal goals and stage of life issues, religious questions and your personal relationship with the Divine.

Is Soul Tending “Religious?”

A personal note from Lisa: I have a deep respect for all religious traditions, particularly the mystical, or “wisdom” heritage of these traditions, which generally transcends religious dogma.  Following the lead of one of my mentors, author and compassionate activist Matthew Fox, I like to use the metaphor of “one river, many wells.”  God can be seen as a great river of living water, and each major religious tradition as a well that draws from that one river.  I work with people from all religious traditions, and with people who have no allegiance to any tradition in particular.  For more information about my own religious background, see the “About” section of this website.